School Policies


Enrolment is based on an assessment examination and a pupil is assigned a class according to his/her age, with 1st September as the cut-off date. i.e. a child born between 1st September 2012 and 30th August 2016 would be admitted into our Reception Class programme for the 2015 - 2016 academic year.


All pupils are required to wear the correct school attire and conform to a strict dress code. School uniforms are available at the school office.

Reports & Progress:

The child's progress is monitored throughout the year. Parents receive a report at half term and a comprehensive end of term report.The school offers an opportunity for parents to discuss their ward's progress with the teachers.


The school has a full-time counsellor who provides guidance and counselling services to students.This will offer a supportive and caring relationship to all pupils. It will also ensure that the child gets a sense of direction and purpose and build his/her self esteem.


Upon admission to NLLC, each child is placed into one of four houses for academic and sporting competitions. Siblings are placed in the same house to avoid fighting and arguing that often happens when one house wins over the other.

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