Parents wishing to enroll their children at NLLC must make an appointment with the School Administrator to discuss what the school can offer.

The following documents must be submitted, as appropriate, for each prospective student before the application will be considered for admission:

  • A copy of birth certificate to establish accurate date of birth;
  • Completed Application for Admission; Application forms to be collected from the school's Administrator; or downloaded from the website, completed and submitted at the administration office for payment and processing.
  • A standard passport size photo;
  • A cumulative report from previous school, where applicable;
  • Photocopies of immunization record.

Applications will not be considered for admission until all required documents have been received. Delayed receipt of records or omission of relevant information may result in delayed or denied admission.

Parents will be notified in writing about the status of the application as soon as the completed records have been received and reviewed.

Fee Payment

Registration and Admission fees are paid once prior to/during admission of a child and are non-refundable. Tuition is paid three times per year by all students on or before the first day of school of each term. Fees for extra-curricular activities and after school care are billed separately. Admission and Tuition fees are paid at Ecobank. An ID number is needed to be able to make payment. The ID number is generated after the registration form is completed for a pupil. 

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